GLOCON and the larger Emerging Welfare Project are funded by the European Research Council and it needs to adhere with GDPR and other relevant ethical standards for data sharing practices. Specifically, the GLOCON ethical standards require that shared data will be protected safely and will not be misused. Therefore, the GLOCON teams must ensure that the shared data will not be used to directly or indirectly harm individuals, groups and social movements. Please see the following publication by the GLOCON team to understand our ethical data sharing principles:

Please answer the questions in the form to help us understand your research and make an ethical assessment on data sharing. This information will be processed at highest privacy and ethical standards and will only be used for determining the possibility of sharing the data to be used for your research. The access will be granted for the studie(s) you specify below. Any new study by you or any other researcher requires a new application.


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